The Order of the Healing Arts

An Interfaith Community of Professional Energy Healers

Why joining

Membership carries certain responsibilities. These involve studying or having studied with a recognized teacher, who issues qualification at the end of training. Therefore, the responsibility is to live up to this trust on a continuous basis. Dedication to the spiritual path is a large part of becoming a healer. It shows others that it is not just a whim. Being a spiritual healer is a long term commitment.

Some membership benefits in the Order of the Healing Arts include:

+ Be part of a supportive and caring community
+ Add an additional credential to your healing ministry
+ Become part of a recognized organization where your spiritual rights are protected
+ Network with other practitioners through our media outlets
+ Be listed in our directories and use the Order as a credible community reference

How to join

To be received into The Order of the Healing Arts a candidate shall fulfill the following requirements:

  1. You are attuned  or ordained by a recognized master, priest or religious organization of legitimate lineage; and please present a copy of your Certificate(s).
  2. You should have successfully undergone practice training that can be verified and documented. Please note that so-called on-line "training" and mail-order "certificates" do not suffice.
  3. You commit to the spiritual tenets of  the Order of Healing Arts, as so stated above.
  4. You submit an informnal Application via the Contact page on this site.
  5. Once received into the Order, you may add the credential OHA (for: Order of the Healing Arts) behind your name.       
  6. There is no fee for both, Application and membership. Donations are accepted, but not required.  
  7. Membership is for life, unless terminated by either side.